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The five books in psychology golden couple, relationships & sex.

#1.Kamasutra 2010

*The latest findings in the Kamasutra
*Interesting sexual positions
*How to have multiple orgasm
*Guide For eXtreme Orgasums
*Yoga Ejaculation Self Contro
*New Sexual positions
*Explore Sexuality
*Sexual Chemistry
*Orgasm Secrets
*Erection longer
*Section G
*Plus much more

Enjoy this unique book and apply these methods charming intimate relationships to satisfy your partner full of surprises with new life and style to create sexual pleasure.Start right now to do wonders in bed with your partner for life.

#2.The power of sexual attraction

*The most powerful weapon of seduction
*What you did not know about the attraction
*How to find your half
*Vibrations of Attraction
*Body language secrets
*How to flirt
*Plus much more
The strongest male and female attraction guide.Discover how to create a wave of positive attraction to attract the attention of all persons of the opposite sex.Become an expert right now to attract the opposite sex.

#3.Magic happy couples

*4 secrets for a spectacular wedding
*Top 10 mistakes in a relationship
*Feng Shui for more sex
*Achieving happiness in maximum torque
*Sexual Fantasies
*10 golden rules
*Erotic Games
*Sex toys
*Plus much more

Get maximum happiness in your relationship with your partner.Apply the golden rules in this guide and become a living legend living with a life full of charm and magic to the amazement of others who wish to share with their relationship secret so beautiful.

#4.Catalogue of female sexuality

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#5.Catalogue of male sexuality

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All about women
All about men

*12 things that men love a woman
*Women's sexual fantasies
*What women hate men
*Secrets of women
*Plus much more
*Sex secrets that men love them
*What a man hates a woman
*What a man loves a woman
*The two front men
*Secret men's
*Plus much more

Free Bonus

Horoscopes sex

Sexual horoscope sign is the calculation of the stars on each side to present the characteristics of the ideal life partner, calculate the compatibility between couples and predict their future.

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*Become a magnet of attraction to women living in spite of all her friends you have
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*Kamasutra Use techniques to become a guru of sexual performance by which all women to give back
*And much much more

*Use the most powerful psychological weapon to make any man to be crazy about you
*Touch the maximum happiness in your relationship life
*Study the chapter "The Secrets of men" Male *Sexuality Catalogue to take all the men at your feet.
*And much much more
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